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Eyre Llew are three guys from Nottingham, UK. They have been together since August 2014, released nine singles and have since self recorded a 13 track debut album of new material that is about to be unleashed to an expectant growing fanbase.

Collectively they have had over 150,000 listens on Spotify and 50,000 views on YouTube. Social media numbers are fast approaching 20,000. They have been featured on BBC Introducing, Kerrang! Radio, had a number of film/tv syncs and have been championed by The 405, Fred Perry Subculture and loads of others while Drowned in Sound label them as 2017's "ones to watch".

They have performed various tours around the UK since their sell out debut show in May 2015 with Pinkshinyultrablast and by the end of the year would have made festival appearances at Y Not, Outlines, 2Q, Handmade, Hockley Hustle, The Great Escape, Dot to Dot, Focus Wales, Perth Music Expo, 110 Above, Splendour, Outstanding, Farmfest, A Carefully Planned, Karma Fest and Rockaway Beach among others; European shows have also been offered and they have accumulated a positive collection of reviews and international radio play.

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"Just brilliant" - Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing.

"They have rendered me absolutely breathless. This is a beautiful band..." - Alex Baker, Kerrang!

"...a leftfield extravaganza of the highest quality..." - Drowned In Sound

"Positively wonderful" - The 405

"...emotionally charged, atmospheric ambient soundscapes. Incredible ambient post-rock" - Fred Perry Subculture.

"If pure bliss had a sound, it would come in the form of Eyre Llew." - Strathclyde Telegraph

"Our highlight of The Great Escape Festival [2016] has to be the intense and ethereal Eyre Llew." - Outpost Media

"...one of the most innovative, audacious and downright enthralling live bands on the circuit." - Bristol Live Magazine


Samuel Heaton, Jack Clark, Jack Bennett


Simon Jordan
Russell's Law, London